Shipping Policy

If you’re wondering how long it will take your order to process and ship, don’t worry! We typically complete the whole procedure in 2 business days. There are no additional shipping charges for orders, shipped internationally. They just get delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle or extra cost on top of that already low price. All products can be sent anywhere around Europe within 2 business days which is very convenient if your timing works out like ours.

All NL orders, sold and delivered by Bitcoinminerz Tech Blockchain & Cryptocurrency BV are inclusive of value added tax. All International orders (shipped to any country) will be shipped with a tracking number so you can monitor your package as it makes its way through the international shipping system! We also offer express delivery for those in urgent need; we’ll send them out within 24 hours or less on weekdays and 48 hours at most on weekends/domestic holidays if needed – this service does not include customs clearance though which may incur extra costs due to delays caused by local authorities.
BMZ (Bitcoinminerz) sends these items every day throughout Europe right up until Christmas Eve

Upon delivery of products to our carrier, you shall be deemed the owner and take full responsibility for their safekeeping. We do not accept any refund requests in case there’s failure at customs clearance; therefore we recommend that before taking possession please notify an appropriate authority if it is necessary – like your local post office or government department- about how long will these items stay within your area so they can prepare accordingly since delays may happen often during peak seasons such P.M ( Petty Officer) due lack enough manpower.